My Asian Skincare Story

Every occasionally I get a contact from some internet shop here and there asking the same thing. I couldn’t review it, because there was nothing good I possibly could say about any of it. In both cases I ended up sending the cushions to where they originated from back again. I had to pick it out myself. Od czasu do czasu postage mail or sklepow internetowych z opera “wyslemy of poduszke, piss ja na swoim blogu poduszkowym”.

W obu przypadkach odeslalam je tam, sad przyszly. Hot damn, what was I now supposed to do? Anybody who’s ever witnessed how I shop for makeup and skincare, knows that asking me to choose one particular thing is nearly damn impossible. Kazdy, to kiedykolwiek by swiadkiem mojego wybierania czegokolwiek kosmetycznego, wine, ze to zadanie zupelnie more przerasta. Take wybieranie more track godziny, up die, up tygodnie. Aw ekstremalnych warunkach, name miesiace. Na szczescie more kochana przyjaciolka, Panna I. wields sprawl w some race.

Lo and behold Lioele it was. And oddly enough, it wasn’t a negative choice, as it turned out. But Miss I. always had a bit of a magic touch. Libel is a brand name that claims to be inspired by the complete tale of Cinderella. It’s intended customer group is approximately 20 (or 20-something even) years younger than I am. I was dziwnie wyszlo, nie byla to a decyzja. Ale Panna I. zawsze mail more zdolnosci wybiorcze (w przeciwienstwie do more). Likely to mark, store twierdzi, ze inspire sie historia …

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