As one of, if not the biggest technological conference and poster display venue in the world, the Neuroscience meeting has every incentive to be at the forefront of developing new ways to provide posters. Previously, I’d noted that they had plans to permit authors to show posters on a screen. Stavros Hadjisolomou stocks his experience with powerful posters at the most recent Neuroscience meeting in San Diego.

The Society for Neuroscience asked presenters to upload their presentations in Powerpoint or PDF documents only to a particular website. Poster themes: They offered 3 possible themes, I thought we would focus on a previous poster I needed. Upload poster: Poster file. Upload dynamic poster assets: mass media to go with the poster. Although they provided extended details on font sizes for headings and content, there were no instructions on poster dimensions. This was a little of a problem since my initial draft was organized on the 48 inch by 36-inch slides, which appeared really bad in “presentation mode” once published.

When seen in a presentation setting, the poster was extended sideways and compressed vertically to fit the display screen. This rendered the poster unreadable to state the least. I found from the offered themes that the measurements are 52 by 29 in .. In “presentation setting,” you will see the poster and talk about a gallery made up of the uploaded mass media files therefore the presenter could choose someone to play. Finished Once I uploaded 10 videos to be used for …

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