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Haha. I am watching a great deal of anime series lately more than I watch Korean dramas. As I am a little of the noob when it comes to J-Beauty, A bit was done by me of research beforehand on what to buy from their drugstores. Instagram feed as references. My pal who’s residing in Japan, Maiko also helped me a lot in suggesting some products that worth to buy as well as where to get them.

So, here is a haul. Technically my mum’s haul and you can utilize this list as a guide! Few of the items available in Malaysia btw already, but of course, you can have them cheaper in Japan. Truth be told, I don’t absolutely need another bottle of sunscreen right now but it’s Japan.

This country is well-known for its cosmetically-elegant sunscreen and incredibly impossible not to buy any of them while at there. I’m speculating the one I have here is the gel/thicker version of the Biore UV Aqua Rich Essence. I actually wished to try the limited release of its kind, (Maetel design with pink bottle and floral perfume) but it was sold out.

The no. 1 best-selling peeling gel in Japan. It’s hugely popular and has a high rating on Cosme. I just lately noticed it at Watsons for RM139 sale price, so I’m not sure why do I get this. Lol. At least it’s cheaper however, not much. I’ve only used a peeling gel from Etude House before which was …

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Taken By Surprise

If the beauty industry pushes this image of being thin and leading to eating disorders doesn’t the other end of the spectrum do the same? If you’re said by you desire to be 250lbs you have to literally overeat. If society pushed for a beauty standard of people obesity the same problem would still exist. Being obese and having an eating disorder generally is exactly like having bulimia(eating disorder) because you want to be skinny.

Would I Again Buy It? I’ve seriously bought nearly every flavour of Baby Lips, but I keep seeming to lose them! Like bobby pins and socks, chapsticks always go missing within my house. But I have were able to finish this one actually, which is a first for my chapsticks! That one actually tints your lip area too – it continues on clear but stains your lips a really very red. Would I Buy It Again? No, but only because I like attempting new chapsticks.

This liner is ideal for beginners and I used a lot of them for a good 2 yrs as I had been teaching myself liquid liner. It’s a marker style so it’s quite simple and quick to use, but now I favor using dip-style felt tips as I get a blacker and more opaque result. Would I Buy It Again? No, but I recommend it for liquid liner newbies. I take advantage of water liner everyday almost, which means this one only lasted me a couple of months (translate: I’m …

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