History And Geography-The Foundations Of Culture

History And Geography-The Foundations Of Culture 1

Understanding the geography and history of a country can help a marketing expert to have a better appreciation for many of the characteristics of its culture. A culture of the sociable people evolves in response to the surroundings which it confronts. The geography of a national country, its topography, climate, physical position relative to other countries affect a culture’s evolution including its marketing and distribution systems. It’s important for a marketer to understand that geography performs an important role in the economy of the country and its own marketing system. · The past history of a country is important in understanding many aspects of a culture.

· One cannot grasp how businesspeople negotiate, the way they perform business, their behavior toward foreign investment, the legal system, and other aspects of the market/business system without a historical perspective. · A historical perspective helps prepare a global marketer for most of the ethnic distinctions that often cause misunderstandings and in many cases, mistakes. Loyalty to family, to country, to the company, and also to social groupings and the strong drive to cooperate, to work for a common cause together, permeate many areas of Japanese behavior and have historical roots that date back many years.

2. A knowledge of the annals of a country is specially effective for understanding attitudes about the role of the Federal government and business, the relationships between managers and the handled, the resources of management power, and behavior toward international MNC’s. 3. History is exactly what helps establish a nation’s “mission,” how it perceives its neighbors, and how it sees its place in the world.

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4. To comprehend a country’s behavior, prejudices, and fears it’s important to look beyond the top or current events to the internal refinement of the country’s whole past for hints. “Geography is a scholarly study of the physical characteristics of a specific region of the earth. Involved in this study are climate, topography, and population.

The connection of the physical characteristics is one of the principal determinants of a country’s traditions, products, industries, needs, and methods of fulfilling those needs”. · Marketing is concerned with satisfying the needs of people. International marketing looks for out depends upon as its market. Therefore, for a global marketer to learn how to satisfy the needs of the international market, he must be familiar enough with the geography to learn what the many causal factors of the people’s needs are. · International professional got to know that various climates and topographies do can be found and that they are vital in shaping the marketing plans an international marketing expert must make.

As a good example, a producer selling equipment in the tropics would need to realize that special protection is needed to keep a machine running properly in hot and humid climates. Social Responsibility rivers are polluted and the atmosphere in many major urban areas is far from clean. The process of controlling industrial wastes leads to another and perhaps equally critical issue: the disposal of hazardous waste, a by-product of pollution control. Estimates of harmful wastes gathered annually exceed 300 million lots; the critical question is disposal that does not move the problem elsewhere.

1. The world market is becoming more unified in location. Thus, it is now simpler to reach a larger segment of the market by simply marketing in the urban human population centers. 2. The types of products promoted will also change with this populace change. For example, food could become a far more important product in international marketing with few people raising their own. 3. These shifts will lead to greater industrialization in countries with low levels of industrialization presently. This again implies marketing changes that might affect the world marketer, more sales of capital goods. 4. In conclusion, people residing in cities have different needs than those living in the national country.

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