Under-16 Beauty Pageant Ban Welcomed

Under-16 Beauty Pageant Ban Welcomed 1

Cape Town – A move by the French governing administration to avoid beauty pageants for women under age 16 had blended effect in South Africa. The French Senate has voted to ban beauty contests for girls due to “hyper-sexualisation” of children. Gender Links wants pageants for girls under 16 to be banned for sexualising them “prematurily .”.

She said beauty pageants didn’t help the cause of trying to test stereotypes. “I don’t realize young girls should be uncovered so in early stages. There is something wrong when it places such value on appearance fundamentally,” she said. Who owns Funky Models Linda Way, agreed with Rama. “It’s a fantastic idea and every single country should follow in (France’s) footsteps.

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A lot of parents live through their children. Way said Funky Models acquired 120 ladies under age 16 but she presumed modeling shouldn’t be the most crucial part of a child’s life. “I usually tell my parents that modeling comes previous. It shouldn’t be so demanding. There is already a lot pressure on children. She said she have been asked to judge beauty pageants in Stellenbosch and Bellville. Gemini Models owner Frieda van der Walt said she didn’t have a concern with beauty pageants as long as there is a “natural look”. “The ideal time for a model is 13-18. I don’t like it when children are being used as swimsuit models and wear make-up. It must be more about their personality and the look must be natural,” she said. Kidz Casting Agency entrepreneur Sheila Wallis didn’t think beauty pageants for young people should be banned totally. “I see some parents and children who love it.

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