Design of Ancient Greece Houses

Design of Ancient Greece Houses

The Korssi
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Most ancient Greece Houses were made of stone and clay. These houses could have one or two levels. The floors, walls and ceilings were made out of tiles or pebbles. Mosaics were also formed to have a more elegant design in the house. With the use of colored pebbles, and arranging them to form a desired pattern, different mosaics were created.

The main consideration in the layout of these ancient Greece houses is their courtyards. High walls were built with a strong gate for defense. Wooden furniture was available, which were decorated accordingly with their art styles during the time.

Ancient Greece houses differ for the different classes in society. Those on the lower class would have quite simple houses, compared to the rich that had not only more rooms but with some form of art decorations as well.

For more wealthy ancient Greeks, they could have two courtyards, one for use by the men, and the other for the women. The Andronitis was where the guests would first find themselves as they enter the house. This is the part of the ancient Greece houses where the family would have their meals, share stories, and where the women would do the weaving and sewing. A small shrine of Zeus is usually place in the center of this part of the house.

From the Andronitis was the Andron or what is called as the men’s dining room. Dinner parties and other activities in the evening with male guests were done here. This is the place of ancient Greece houses where one will often find intricate designs and decorations. The guests are expected not to go beyond this part of the house.

Then the next part of ancient Greece houses is the women’s rooms. The kitchen, bathroom, storage rooms and some sleeping chambers can be found in this area as well.

The thalamus or the master’s bedroom would be where the master and his mistress will sleep. In this house, one will find the most expensive possessions of the family. An ante-thalamos could also be found for their daughter’s use.

Important structures during this time, such as the temples, were designed and built more attractively than the common houses. These temples however, took years to build.

The architecture and built of the ancient Greece houses were based on a design and on a lay-out fit for the functions of their times. It is interesting to note that as early as the ancient times of Greece, such designs were available along with concepts of art decorating. These ancient Greece houses will reaffirm the artistry these people possess, as early as this time in history.

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