Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Review 1

Anastasia Beverly Hills has definitely undertaken the “eye-brow world” by surprise. I think its safe to state that she’s revolutionized the entity of “eyebrow” with all the current, various eyebrow products she offers. Now, it is not the most affordable product out there “just” to fill/draw your brows – but her brow collection appears to be an absolute HIT.

With the top selection of ABH brow products out there, it required me a while to find the one right for me personally carefully. I in the beginning had my heart set on the dip-brow pomade but I ended up opting for the Brow Wiz. This is for the sole reason for convenience and easy use, since I am typically an on-the-go kind of makeup girl 80% of that time period. Currently, my eyebrows are marginally on the thicker and full region, and so I only need to identify them a bit. Before purchasing the brow wit, all I used was the good old ELF eyebrow duo system (dark brown) for approximately annually.

It did the job well, but it wasn’t the absolute best for on-the-go. The merchandise comes in a modern platinum and black color dual finished “pencil”. The applicator side includes with a programmed very fine pencil-like tip. It can be transformed by you to dispense more product, so no sharpening necessary in anyway.

The suggestion is also very business/sturdy. I noticed that the tip still stays pointed no matter how much you use it, so don’t worry there. The other region of the pencil is a good quality spool that can be used to brush out your brows. No need to buy a sharpener, spools, or an angled clean for software even.

So you get to save some money there and who doesn’t love that! I went with the color varnish (previously known as brunette) for my black-colored eyebrows. Personally I think that it’s the perfect color for my black hair that mixes in just right. Most young ladies that I’ve seen (on YouTube, personal blogs, etc.) with dark hair, either opt for the shade parish or ebony (1 hue darker).

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My eyebrows are in a natural way very dark and bold, therefore I went with dark brown so that my brows don’t conclude looking too overpowering. The brow is is a piece of cake to use. Not surprisingly, this depends upon how much drawing on or completing you need to do on your brows.

But, I’ll say that it’s not easy to make flaws or over do it with this since it applies very softly. The more often pressure you apply on the pencil, the deeper the color turns up. My eyebrows don’t require too much filling, so what I do is most likely really little.

To start, I really do very soothing strokes (without moving hard) to complete my inside brow. I just make light strokes in an upward activity to resemble fine hairs (where needed). Then, on the exterior brow (arch to the end), I apply slightly more pressure to define this area (following the natural shape of my eyebrow). Lastly, I just fill in any sparse areas with light strokes.

I then surface finish by simply flipping the pencil over and brushing the brows with the spool to blend out any severe lines. I know, it appears like I’ve done NOTHING. But trust me, They were filled by me in! If you try the After shot closely, the eyebrow before is more described then. It looks so natural, like your own brows just. It certainly blends right in and resembles your natural hair (given you’ve gotten the right color). It’s very difficult for it to look over-done because of the light applicator as well.

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