6 Useful Websites To Learn Coding BEING A Beginner

6 Useful Websites To Learn Coding BEING A Beginner 1

As a Beginner in the computer’s world, you need to start learning the basics of the Coding as it helps you to create some useful Websites, Web Apps, Applications, and more things you can do. Here I’m showing 5-Useful Websites that may help you understand to Code as a Beginner and building your way up to an Expert Developer or Programmer. CodeCademy allows a funny way to learn coding.

With CodeCademy you can learn any web vocabulary and start programming in a funny and calming way, that’s why CodeCademy is the best option to W3Schools. CodeCademy can help you learn some essentials of Design and style as well. CodeSchool is also a good alternative to W3Schools, it’s provides a very simple to use interface, relaxing design, rather than a lot of boring text which makes it a good lessons platform for professionals and students. In addition, CodeSchool introduced a fresh Coding to learn: iOS Development for you to learn to create iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad.

Like CodeCademy, CodeAvengers provides a simple to use platform and a Funny way to figure out how to code and gain experience. It also adds a 3-Levels levels that the user has to complete them to become a full expert. There’s only tutorials about web development and web apps. TeamTreeHouse is very similar to CodeSchool which provides an easy and simple way to learn to code, also it allows Android and iOS development to develop and program some iOS and Android games. The last the first is DreaminCode, it’s a good tutorials platform and an incredible number of developers took their knowledge & experience about programming from DreaminCode.

But the only thing that doesn’t seem to be good with DreaminCode would be that the user interface is so uninteresting and there’s plenty of text. You can also start your way from a Beginner that have no skills, to an Expert. You can then use your knowledge & experience to are a Freelancer or make your own website and apps.

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