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Ask The Makeup Doctor 1

I wasn’t sure how to name this particular admittance – but I KNEW that “Makeup and GROWING OLDER” didn’t especially joy me! Ah yes – the maturing process. Looking in the reflection and instantly, your mother’s face is looking back again at you. I’m not saying this is a negative thing (mom) – but it sure as hell is a shocker, isn’t it?

Anyone more than a “certain age group” has sensed that jolt to their system! A very good friend of mine – actually a pal from our freshman yr in senior high school – was out buying lipstick, something she rarely does. The color was not the same definitely. Yes, – it was the right color definitely.

But it was different in some way. She called me and indignantly said that Revlon had changed the color of the lipstick that she acquired worn for years and remembered so well. Because my curiosity was raised, I too visited the drugstore and purchased the lipstick. It looked the same if you ask me. It hit me Then.

The lipstick hadn’t transformed, WE had changed. We committed age group. And that one shade no longer worked for my pal the way it had for the last 30 years or so. Makeup was always our friend and ally! Foundations which were once perfect – now make us look cakey and shows lines that we never knew we had. Colors that were so awesome in our “before time” are abruptly different – too dark, too light, in general just, WRONG.

Of course, we must maintain denial for a bit first and definitely place the blame on the makeup products companies – and then truth sets in. It is not them – it’s us. And of course, expressing our wrath at men, who as they age – simply look distinguished. Don’t despair. It happens to all or any folks. Some quicker – some later, but it’ll happen.

  • Emery 6705
  • 100%Pure Healthy Skin Foundation (in a pump container)
  • Okay (6)
  • Eye Smudge Brush
  • Use a moisturizer after you wash that person to avoid it from drying out

This is when you go back again to square one and start trying on different makeup – different lines, different textures, and various colors. It can help to visit a makeup artist (you understand – kind of like me!) to keep these things to help you along. Try some different makeup lines – some are more mature friendly than others.

Maybe those counters won’t be playing that dreadful noisy music! Darn kids, git off my yard! Take a look at your colors – get a color makeover. Read some new beauty books on “mature beauty”. You must change your makeup along with your clothing style – and essentially, the kind of start from scratch. If a new beginning of maturity means looking and attempting new makeup, I am all for this. If you want some help or ideas, give me a raise your voice. We can together do that. Yeah, that’s the ticket! I really like helping ladies begin from scratch. I’m not fresh but fresher.

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