JUST HOW MUCH More Do YOU Think TSLA Will Be Worth In 10 Years?

JUST HOW MUCH More Do YOU Think TSLA Will Be Worth In 10 Years? 1

Separate names with a comma. Just how much more do you consider TSLA will be worthy of in 10 years? An extremely significant percentage of my net worth is within TSLA. I’m very confident that TSLA will be worthy of more in 10 years than it is today. I’d say the chance of it doubling in a decade has ended 95%. Odds of being 5x today is 80%. 10x growth 50%. 20x growth 20%. This is based about how I see TSLA disrupting multiple trillion money sectors. Others have posted calculations, therefore I won’t rehash.

This is more of a – What’s your very best guess growth estimation with probabilities of attaining it as you see it thread. The uncertainty of such long-term estimates make complicated models less applicable. Way too many guesses have to be made out of respect to the variables. Per year The company is growing at 50 %.

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This seems to be the upper limit because of its growth. The value of the company lags behind that, so let’s think 30 percent30 % compounded growth. Of course the growth rate may forward soften going. The ride might be bumpy but let’s just watch how this plays out. I expect the worthiness of TSLA to increase next 3 years.

Whatever one does, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, instead, Diversify Investments, Diversify Risks, even by By Age And Work Experience. Remember that TSLA is not the best stock out there that past performance is not indicative of future results. It all (trading) boils right down to compounding your earnings. If this second, but must be reduced back with a higher than normal discount rate due to execution risk of new technology.

Everything is a guessing game, so make investments sensibly. At least will be 10 times like 500B market value. 31.xx believing it got a good chance of increasing 10X or more within 5-10 years. We at first hit 10X even faster than I wished for (4.5 years). Funny you should ask that.

I have a related, but different problem: when is it “ok” to get out and not kick myself about any of it for the rest of my entire life? At some true point you want to profit from your success. My initial plan was to sell stock to form my 2015 long-term account in early 2021 to repay my mortgage. That’s when I can begin taking money out of that without paying fees.

To do that, I would only need the stock to be around 415 – but that might be all my ’15 account which is 50% of my TSLA shares right now. So what is the right time to sell some of those shares? This is exactly what I’ve been considering a lot recently, and this is how it connects to the OP question.

If TSLA is double of what it is today in 4 years, is it worth offering 2/3 of my ’15 accounts? Or does it still have enough legs to just keep my stocks for concern with killing the goose that laid the golden egg? And if TSLA doubles again 4 years after that, is a good time to market? THEREFORE I think, the greater relevant question may be, just how do we understand when TSLA starts to plateau and we can’t expect any significant increases going forward. So what is the right time to market any of those shares?

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