Nothing But Real Beauty..

Nothing But Real Beauty.. 1

Sunny days are finally here in Metro Vancouver after a standard gloomy and damp winter. My small dachshunds, Emma and Jasmine love laying in the grass and basking in the sunshine in the comparative back yard. Ah, I remember the days while I was outside all day long after I was growing up without fretting about sun exposure. Sunscreen was not mainstream in Russia when I was growing up or if it was I had formed no idea about any of it. I didn’t find out about any of it until I transferred to the U.S.

Now of course, I really do not go anywhere without it. I understand the need for protecting the skin we have from sunlight but I also think that moderate sun publicity is good for us! We are told again and again to fear sunlight but it is a source of ALL life with this planet.

When we are away in sunlight on our skin produces melanin, which protects us from UV rays. We also get Vitamin D from the sun which people have become more and more deficient in. Remember, moderation is the main element! This means do not burn off you to ultimately sharp or use synthetic sunscreens. I admit, I used to use them myself and nothing good came out of it.

I was left with severe allergic reactions and terrible breakouts. Not forgetting the terrible side results that was included with chemicals in them that triggered havoc on my nervous system. All that went when I switched to more natural mineral sunscreens away. I confess that you might have to spend more money on them however your epidermis shall thank you. The best mineral sunscreens for the body will be the Green Beaver (EWG rating 1-3) and Goddess Garden (EWG rating 1-3). I recommend the Suntergrity body sunscreen (EWG rating 1 also !!) as another alternate. I’ve read a lot of good stuff about it.

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  • Which govt body I must visit (in Pune) and any website for online registration of the my prod
  • Apply sunscreen whatever the weather is. Sunscreen should be oil-free and moisturizer based
  • Skin safety
  • Full of sophistication serum, Lush, £8.25 for 20g
  • We Ride the Gale! (Emilie Loring)
  • Wear Rose Quartz or bring for working with trauma, emotions and to deal with change
  • Antioxidant Protection

They do a great job on protecting your skin from the sun and moisturize it at the same time. Now, finding the right nutrient sunscreen for my face was a little of challenging. I’ve attempted a lot of popular ones that proved helpful for other people but didn’t work for me personally.

They were overweight, left a white solid, made my epidermis very dried out or broke me out. I used to be getting very frustrated with my search until I came across Suntegrity Skincare. I’ve found out about it from Tata Harper after I went to her event within my local beauty store. I used to be a little hesitant at first but decided to order Suntegrity Broad Spectrum Sunscreen from a Canadian, natural online beauty store called Clementine Fields.

It arrived wonderfully packed plus a couple other activities that I’ve ordered. I wanted to test it out and wear it before I got my canines for a walk. A thank you are aware was such a pleasant touch! Forget about looking just like a ghost. My epidermis experienced very fresh, moisturized however, not greasy.

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