Certification Exam Answers

Certification Exam Answers 1

How do you ensure their ad directs users to the right site for their device? Ally’s client wants to know which of their promotions had the best cross-device uplift. How can she apply a calculation to the data in her report that will provide her client with this information? To more completely capture mobile’s contribution to a sale, advertisers need to consider what? The correct answer was A lot more than just the last click.

How much is the worthiness of this action along the purchase funnel? How can you track in-app conversions within an Android app? The correct answer was AdWords transformation tracker. A drivers halts for gas and their smartphone buzzes with a text message offering a free coffee inside the gas place. Exactly what does mobile provide marketers that enables them to provide this to customers? The right answer was Context. Ingrid’s client is the web sporting goods retailer, Sports Gear.

What is a key factor of their business that will influence how Ingrid determines their mobile tracking strategy? 0 / 1 Sports Gear has a mobile app on both Android and iOS. Sports Gear will not sell snowboards. The Sports Gear website appears great on large desktop screens. Sports Gear’s research shows that their customers also enjoy good espresso. The correct answer was Sports Gear has a mobile application on both iOS and Android..

Alice is creating an application install ad on her behalf client’s search marketing campaign. She must ensure it works for both Android and iOS variations of their app. What does Alice should do to guarantee the app directs the user to the appropriate store based on the user’s device? To report on cross-environment conversions in DoubleClick Search, what do you section your survey by?

When establishing Floodlight activities for a call-tracking service, what should the primary way to obtain conversions be? The right answer was Offline activity. What measurement distance can a call-tracking service fill? The right answer was Offline conversions. Ali is making a call-only advertisement group. Using this type of ad, which kind of data can Ali monitor? The correct answer was Click to calls.

What kind of data can be collected when utilizing a Google forwarding quantity with a call expansion? The correct answer was Call duration. Hassan’s client places specific value on conversions predicated on which device they happen on. How can Hassan define the specific weighted values of every of these conversions, so he can include them in his bet strategy? The right answer was Put in a formula column that assigns this weighted value to each device. Due to a big change in budgeting, you need to quickly modify your entire campaign to increase bids on mobile devices by 20 percent automatically. How will you make this happen?

  • Module 6: Prevent
  • Business Contracts
  • It’s a symbol that helps people identify the name of loan company or NBFC that has released a credit-card
  • Get a logo
  • Implement a Plan that Encourages Individual and Team Achievements
  • Finance to develop and develop properties is a steep challenge for investors and programmers
  • The aerated cement is recyclable

It gives profitable margin to the growers. A fish hatchery is a location for artificial breeding, hatching and rearing through the early life stage of shellfish and finfish in particular. Hatcheries produce juvenile and larval fish primarily to support the aquaculture industry where they are transferred to on-growing systems. Having a sufficient landholding a business owner can begin a piggery business.

Among the various livestock species, piggery is the strongest source for meat production and pigs are better feed converters after the broiler. The major facility is pig farming requires a small investment in buildings and equipment. Commercially soya beans processing to produce milk, soy flour, soya sauce, soyabean oil, natto, etc is an extremely profitable agriculture business ideas to start with moderate capital investment. Rising global demand gives a boost to the spice handling industry lately.

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