A Way To Make Your Dreams BECOME A REALITY!

A Way To Make Your Dreams BECOME A REALITY! 1

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Toward the finish of his life continuous pain from his ulcerated lower leg managed to get impossible for the king to partake of several of his previous pleasures. As a result Henry’s feeling became more irascible ever. Katheryn started to speak to him of her beliefs, church reform and the errors she perceived in the original religion. Henry, who from the initial break with Rome apart, clung throughout his life to the Catholic religion, grew ever more cantankerous.

Some say he resented his wife’s intelligence, her argumentative manner. Henry and Katheryn started to have disagreements and folks thought that the king’s enchantment with Katheryn was beginning to wane. Taking full advantage of the problem, Gardiner made his move. Using cunning and flattery, he began to convince Henry that the queen was a heretic slowly, her existence giving other heretics and traitors access to court.

Eventually Henry decided to issue a warrant for her arrest. I wish to pause here and think about what Henry may have been feeling at this time. He was much longer a man no. He was tired. He had spent all his adult life in search of securing the succession therefore far, got produced just one single young man, and two worthless girls.

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His sixth relationship had, up until now, been happy. He was probably just beginning to feel confident that at last he’d found out a good woman; a faithful, staunch supporter, a helpmeet, someone he could trust. Henry wasn’t a monster. He was a guy with much power trying to obtain the unobtainable too, something that at least experienced like love.

He cannot have relished the thought of another failed marriage, another trial, another execution. He was getting old. The essential notion of searching away a replacement for Katheryn would not have been a welcome one, and by now surely, he can have held little faith still left in finding a better wife.

Unlike previous occasions, when he’d used for the hillsides at the first hint of marital failing, this right time Henry stayed at the palace, providing Katheryn and her friends time to do something. Some say it wasn’t by chance that the news of her imminent arrest fell into the hands of Katheryn’s friends.

The queen was tipped off, offering her time to do something and allowing Henry to apply the ultimate test of her fidelity. Perhaps the ruler never really had any real purpose of arresting her. It was a game he was playing Maybe; like a little bored boy with two beetles in a jar, setting the opposing sides against one another, for entertainment.

We can’t ever really know but it is fun to take a position. Anyway, on hearing the news headlines, Katheryn fell into uncharacteristic (possibly feigned or exaggerated) hysterics which were so severe that her doctors were summoned. She made such a commotion that Henry, hearing her from in his adjoining flats, went to investigate.

When he enquired as to the reason behind her upset, she dropped at his foot declaring she feared she experienced displeased him when all she experienced designed to do was take his mind from his troubles. She continued to ask, how could ‘a poor ridiculous girl’ like herself ever want to council the erudite ruler on issues of theology or state. Katheryn claimed she only ever discussed religious matters with her spouse so that she might learn and reap the benefits of his superior mind. Katheryn was a resourceful female. It had been no coincidence that she performed so competently during her regency.

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