Healthy Snacks And Christmas Preparations

Healthy Snacks And Christmas Preparations 1

Last night time I ate this healthy and yummy snack while I covered some stocking stuffers and viewed some holiday must see films. Slice and primary apple (peel if you’d like), spread toppings on, add cranberries and almonds. Today I’ve got several errands and then the cooking of the feast plus some goodies (all weight loss surgery friendly of course) begins. Tonight’s supper is mostly seafood (proteins heaven) at my house (Feast of the Seven Fishes, Festa dei Sette Pesci.) I’m experimenting with a few new things, so if they come out blog worthy you will see them. Tomorrow is up in the air still, with respect to the weather.

Hopefully after breakfast time we’ll be going to the beach (our custom) for a picnic with leftovers. If you are a longtime follower of the blog you know another tradition at my house is perfect for my Mum and I to make new ornaments for the tree. When my Mum dropped earlier this season and she wasn’t mobile for awhile I bought her this reserve about how to make knitted bouquets so she’d have something fun to do. She’s made some cool ones really.

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She made these amazing poinsettias. These were enjoyed by me so much I said she should install them on scarfs as presents. Week I stood on the post-office series from hell-mailing someone to my sister Last. P.S. When the not great options start calling. Remember: Don’t trade what you would like most, for what you would like at the moment. Some tips I hope help.

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