Dermot Donncha And Bannon O’Callaghan Play With Smart Home Tech!

Dermot Donncha And Bannon O'Callaghan Play With Smart Home Tech! 1

With more and more wacky inventions coming on the market every day, it isn’t surprising to believe that there’s nothing at all technology can’t do. We have self-cleaning ovens, hover vacuums, robotic servants, and fridges that tell us when we’ve run out of milk. When you truly think about it, the future is here!

However, even we couldn’t have come up with the device Donncha O’Callaghan suggests to Dermot Bannon in the latest bout of What The Tech? Vodafone Gigabit Broadband, where a web host of Irish TV superstars get their hands on a mysterious bit of smart-home tech powered by broadband. GIVEN THAT we’d love to see inside our kitchens!

Alas, the little bit of smart-home tech they need to find out isn’t quite as fascinating as that, but they are remaining because of it scratching their mind. When Dermot tries these devices on and asks if he looks ridiculous, Donncha remarks: ‘I’m more worried about your shirt, I’ll be honest! The sportsman also good-naturedly slags Dermot for being a ‘nerd’ after the architect informs him that he did Applied Maths for the Leaving Cert. Dermot breaks up and we’d put money on this being the start of a beautiful a friendly relationship! Can a member of the family mind band help you lose weight? Dermot doesn’t appear too convinced!

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They are both underwhelmed to learn that the gadget involved is a vibrating headband that helps the wearer to lose weight. ‘Do you see the weight falling off me? In fairness, we can kind of see where he’s coming from. While we love a new gadget just as much as another person, we’re not sure a vibrating headband will revolutionize the diet industry.

At the end of the day, regardless of what piece of technology you have strapped to your system, you still want to do the exercise and eat the right food if you want to see results. Unfortunately, that important nugget of information often gets pressed aside when we take our occupied lives under consideration and opt to pay for a quick fix – even if we know it won’t work.

Thankfully, there’s a plethora of quality technology available that will help you keep healthy, monitor your rest, plan meals, and make sure you stay motivated by surrounding you with like-minded individuals. Possibly the most basic of the exercise gadgets is the step counter – a wristband that literally counts just how many steps you take, ensuring you know just how energetic you’ve been during the period of your day. Fitness trackers and smart scales are excellent because, as well as determining weight, body mass index and extra fat percentage, the latest ones to design a physical exercise timetable for the owner as well.

Heart-rate screens are ideal for athletes wanting to keep track of their workout strength but are also extremely useful for post-surgery patients or others who need to exercise but ensure they don’t over-exert themselves. If you’re in a work environment that promotes health and wellbeing, start dropping tips about having a standing desk. According to recent research, you can burn up to 2, weekly by standing rather than seated at work 000 calories from fat more.

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