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1300: This goal is based primarily on the assumptions underlying the projection of annual dividend income on my Strategy web page. My dividend income based on 2011 rates will be insufficient to do this goal, so I will need to get by a mixture of dividend growth there, dividend reinvestment, and investment of new funds. 12000: This goal is dependent on a rough estimate of my cost savings rate within the last few years. This would be the first in which I keep an eye on how much I save every month. 1000 per month. These savings will be looked at new funds for investment because I already have enough money reserved for emergencies.

I am reasonably confident that I can achieve these goals. I am not placing an objective for my portfolio’s total return, because the market is too unpredictable. Indeed, market unpredictability is one of the reasons why I am a dividend-growth trader: I’ll receive a constant and rising stream of dividends regardless of whether the market goes up or down. Throughout the year I anticipate reporting the improvement I make toward my goals.

“You get a fresh leadership post! And you get a fresh leadership post! And it’s likely that Schumer will hold the caucus together during the verification process for Trump’s nominees. According to various Senate aides, Schumer doesn’t believe his party has the opportunity to torpedo any other Trump nominees, but he hopes to make their confirmations as bruising – and, with smart floor management, as continuous – as you possibly can. “The goal shall be to show the general public how controversial these nominations are,” clarifies a Senate Democratic aide.

But those are the easy parts. The battlefield becomes more perilous for Schumer as Trump and his party to move to other parts of their plan. And again, the New York senator will be confronted with the question of where and how often to use intransigence as a technique.

  • Third, figure out which kind of return you will need to meet your retirement savings goal
  • In 40 years, you could stop working with $890,000 to $1.5 million
  • Depreciation costs

That his congressional primary adversary will be McConnell boosts the stakes further, as the Kentucky senator has proved to be an even more ruthless majority leader than Reid was before him. It was McConnell’s singular insight that, even if Republicans were responsible for the lack of bipartisanship and the resulting gridlock, it might be the ongoing party that regulates the White House that requires the blame for this.

This nuclear strategy earned back all elements of the federal government from a president and party that were historically popular at the time McConnell prepared up his plan. But will Democrats have the abdomen to stymie Trump in the same way McConnell and his fellow Republicans blocked Obama? And there’s the budget then.

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