3 Swatches To Show Up Really

3 Swatches To Show Up Really 1

Suncoat Peelable Water-based Nail Polish in “Mulberry” – interesting concept but i don’t believe it’s for me personally – i’d much rather spend my time gaining a nail polish that can last longer when compared to a day or two. Canada and it is described as being the “cleanest” nail polish available. Suncoat website, these polishes are now relabeled as “Polish&Peel” instead of “Peelable” and there are 7 other colors. Glamourous Makeup products eyeshadows to find out if they were any good. 3 swatches to really show up. Glamorous Cosmetics organized these 5 Color Eyeshadow Sets in that there are two color schemes for two different looks, with the guts color being a “catalyst”.

But I’m getting there! Calendar year with a Doctor Who marathon January contains buzzing in the new, much binge-watching of BBC’s Merlin with my sister, and viewing SEASON 4 OF SHERLOCK (!!!!!!!!!!). So…apparently January has been a BBC month. HA. Every month is a BBC month for me. Obsessed. January also contains a week long holiday with my best friend whom (sadly) lives out of town. But our time is the bestest, and it was the perfect end to my hiatus. Now I’m back home trying to get things back into order and catch up on stuff.

WHICH MEANS BLOGGING AND WRITING AND THIIIINGS. The relevant question is, what do my writing plans for 2017 appear to be? Well, our dear Sky and Cait have concocted the perfect set of questions in this month’s Beautiful Visitors to answer that very question! Some really fascinating things went down last year. Mainly only 2, but 2 pretty big ones.

I KNOW. Maybe it was just this particular edit. It was the storyplot Maybe. I DON’T KNOW. Nonetheless it was liked by me. And I’ve been avoiding the editing process for, erm, ever. I constantly write one first draft following the next, but avoid the complete revision thing like the plague. The entire year I was going to actual make improvement toward my posting fantasy But 2016 was.

  • 1 Tablespoon Butter
  • Use clean skin care and cleaning products or make your own
  • West Nile pathogen
  • Expands Job opportunities

Which, obviously, included that ever dreaded and much prevented EDITING. And it was done by me. I did the first round of edits in my own Beauty and the Beast story, Burning Thorns, and had an absolute blast doing it. TWO: For NaNoWriMo I wrote More Gold than Sunlight, the FINAL and 7th publication of my Colors of the Dragon Range series.

Which means, I FINISHED THE COADS SERIES. After working on it for 7 NaNos straight. I’m still a little stunned I’ll be not writing a CoaDS publication for NaNo this season. But, uh, yeah, I’m excited over that accomplishment quite. definitely a year I’ll remember on the writing front 2016 is. My number 1 priority for 2017 is Burning Thorns.

5.) Describe your general editing process. HA. Well, since I’ve only before done one serious edit, and I tend to change up how I do things with each and every new writing task, this answer will change. But if you would like a super comprehensive, long version of how I edited Burning Thorns specifically, you can check out THIS POST.

I read through the record and put in notes around it on things I want to differ from typos all the way to giant story problems. I set up a fresh record to be properly formatted. Never underestimate the need for formatting! I then put my first draft next to my new formatted document and then retype every. Yes, it required quite a while, but it helped SO. Rather than going through walls of text, you’re retyping everything, viewing it fresh, and more likely to modify things as needed since actually, you know, you’re anyway retyping.

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