Why Did This Blog Is Established By Me?

Why Did This Blog Is Established By Me? 1

Welcome to my humble blog. I’m your average young adult seeking to survive in what’s presently known as the World’s PRICIEST Country, Singapore! And perhaps you already realized, that with the increasing costs of living in Singapore as well as a slowly but ever increasing rate of inflation, can you have the ability to earn a decent living?

It’s never prematurely. To begin planning your retirement. The earlier you start with a plan, the higher your chances of success. Even if you somewhere fail, there’s still time for you to get back up on your it and try again. Today Start planning for your future.

  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Organization design
  • The council
  • Cupertino – $82,541 to $97,650
  • There is contribution limit (predicated on previous years income as mentioned on taxes)
  • 3 CIT special characteristics
  • Consumer Cyclical
  • Did you pitch a stock to the IMC fund members? That which was the result

Feel absolve to follow me @ teenageinvestor on twitter! Why do this blog is established by me? As a student, I’ve always enjoyed writing and reading. English was my most powerful subject. I DO NOT claim to be a financial expert or a professional investor. Honestly, talk to the common Singaporean about “investments”, or “currency markets” plus they might mock you. TV Dramas around the globe has given us the conception that trading are just for the rich and powerful.

Or that by buying the currency markets, you are liable to lose a few million overnight. Contrary to popular belief, I used to be the same. I started my first investment by experimenting and reading up on the various finance weblogs and books. I was filled with a variety of jumbled information. Often, I thought of giving up. That I’d later body it out. What I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to learn. I am also learning. Which blog is my way of documenting my encounters and what I have learnt.

It may or might not be accurate or even to your flavor but that’s alright. Because we’re all learning. However, writing all about money and investments can be extremely uninteresting. Readers also need to understand that there is certainly more alive than that. Appreciate the little things in life, for we are all human. Buying our future is an assortment of both monetary and life encounters. Therefore I’ll also post on current affairs that involve monetary issues. Take that first rung on the ladder today. That leap of faith. Take charge of your future today.

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Posted by Dividend Growth Machine at 3:27 PM 6 feedback: Email ThisBlogThis! As regular readers of this blog know, some time ago I started a new job. The other day I signed up for my new employer’s retirement program and the first contributions should occur at the end of the month.

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