Business Studies Notes For IGCSE

Business Studies Notes For IGCSE 1

The product itself is the most important element in the marketing mix. Without it, the other three wouldn’t exist. Most companies today are market focused and can identify a suitable product for the marketplace before shifting to determine the other 3 elements. Large companies have R&D departments which spends all its time developing new product and analyzing the pros and disadvantages of competition’ products. Consumer goods: Goods that are used up by consumers.

Consumer services: Services that are produced for people. Producer goods: Goods produced for businesses. Producer services: Services for businesses. Each kind of product establishes the price, promotion, and spot to sell the product. Are what make products successful Here. Products need to satisfy consumer wants/needs to reach your goals. The merchandise must be at the right quality, so that customers are willing to pay for it. Costs should be low to make an income enough.

Design of something is important. This means that its quality and toughness should meet expectations and match the price of the product. The design also needs to improve the product’s brand image. Products are novelties (newly introduced to the market). Products can induce new wants. Further research: The best ideas are chosen and further research is done to see their benefits and drawbacks.

Will there be enough sales? To see whether there will be enough sales of the product to break-even (development costs included). Develop a prototype: To observe how a product could be manufactured and identify its problems. Test release: To find out if the product can sell or not. Traditionally, a product’s unique features and quality were explained by the sellers who made the product. However, since products are usually bought from private retail shops nowadays, these points differently have to be projected. The price of branded goods are usually higher, since customers are more confident to buy them. Needs advertising to enforce the brand’s qualities.

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Higher price than unbranded products. Top quality than unbranded products. Getting the packaging right is vital. Rendering it easy to move. Permit the product to easily be used. Container must have the ability to be opened easily. Ideal for the product to squeeze in. Carries information about the product. Promotes the brand image.

Product life cycles show the levels a product undergoes from its launch, to its development, and then to its decrease. Development: The product is under development. Introduction: The merchandise is introduced. Sales grow and informative advertising begins to attract customers slowly. Price skimming could be utilized if the product is not used to the market. The main aim of sales is to breakeven. Growth: Prices rise quickly.

Persuasive advertising is utilized to encourage brand commitment. Prices may be reduced a little. Sales start to generate profits since costs have been covered. Maturity: Sales rise more gradually. Competition makes prices to be lowered and the company uses competitive prices. Advertising can be used to keep up sales. Profits are at their highest.

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