11. MUST I Take GRE Instead?

11. MUST I Take GRE Instead? 1

GMAT is, no doubt, one of the most crucial areas of your MBA software package. For many, finding your way through the test may also be one of the most stressing part of the whole application. 1. How is my GMAT score used by the business schools? GMAT is utilized as one of the screening tool by the continuing business schools and hence, should be taken seriously by the MBA applicants.

Unlike your work experience and educational history, it is mostly of the parts of the application that is totally under your control. Due to the fact MBA coursework can be a vigorous and challenging workload for many, GMAT rating, along with educational background, is used as an indicator for an applicant’s analytical skills.

2. Is my GMAT rating useless once I get admission for an MBA program? No. Lots of the recruiting companies during internship and full-time recruitment take a look at your GMAT score together with your performance at the school. It is especially true for talking to companies and Investment Banking companies. These job functions require high analytical skills as a skill occurs their recruits and you will be closely watching your GMAT score along with your performance /GPA in the MBA coursework. Hence, if you are targeting any of these industries, it’ll be helpful when you can have a stellar GMAT score to put on your school’s curriculum vitae.

3. How old can my GMAT rating be? GMAT score is hence valid for five years and, you can use a GMAT score that is taken within the past five years during your application distribution. You might have heard of the rumor at many places that it is necessary to have GMAT taken only during the last three years, but no material was found by us to it.

Check out your target school’s admissions page and you’ll that they consider GMAT ratings from the previous five years. 4. What GMAT rating should I target? Ideally, 800. Practically, to the best of your skills. When you have your target business schools in your thoughts, try to be on the higher aspect of their 80% range. Business college reports statistics to the outside world and many magazines do consider average GMAT score of a school as a standing parameter. Hence, it gets difficult for the school to give admissions to bulk of people who’ve poor GMAT rating but are great usually. GMAT of 620 and applying to the same school, you are at a disadvantage.

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5. Should I take classes to get ready for GMAT? 6. Just how much time it takes to prepare for the GMAT? Depends on how much time you can give it. We know of people who scored a 760 with just two weeks of people and the ones who scored 500 even after four months of preparation.

On the average, around two months should be sufficient, however, it depends upon how good You are feeling that will determine what’s the right time to get ready for the GMAT. 7. When should the GMAT is given by me to test? You should take your GMAT score at least 3-4 months before you application deadline.

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