Which type of wood is right for you?

Which type of wood is right for you? 1

When choosing wood shutters for your home, choose solid shutters. You won’t have to worry about hollow shutters falling apart. You can choose from Alder and Basswood, as well as Yellow poplar and Composite wood. Each of these types has its own benefits. Learn more about which wood type is best for you. It’s important to choose shutters that compliment your overall design scheme, as well as your personal style. For those who have any issues regarding wherever in addition to tips on how to employ exterior wood shutters, you are able to call us on our webpage.


Alder is one the most popular hardwoods for shutters. The hardwood is harvested in the northwest regions of the USA. It offers many benefits. Alder is often referred to as the “wood Cadillac” due to its cherry-like grain and ease of painting. Alder’s growth rate is 25-40 years, making it more expensive than some hardwoods.

Which type of wood is right for you? 2

Yellow poplar

For both aesthetic and financial reasons, choosing the best yellowpoplar wood for your shutters can be a wise decision. This versatile wood has a creamy tone and streaks of gray, blue, and purple. investigate this site wood is strong but not as durable as other types for outdoor use. Yellow poplar has a medium density wood that is similar to alder and soft maple. It has a dense grain and accepts stains and dyes well. It can be finished to imitate other types of hardwoods.


You can get a great deal of customization when you choose basswood wood shutters. Basswood wood shutters can be adjusted to let in heat and light, while also blocking out glare. You can even customize the position of the louvres so that they open or close in just the right way. This shutter is suitable for all types of windows and doors. These shutters also offer great insulation.

Composite wood

It is possible to be curious about the differences between genuine and composite wood shutters. Although the two types of shutters are made of the same material, the biggest difference between them is the paint or finish. Although shutters might not look like real wood, their paint and finish can look close enough to make it appear as if they are. However, you can still discern some differences by looking at the unpainted surfaces.

Vinyl shutters

A wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles are available in vinyl shutters. Many come with pre-drilled mounting holes. Many products come with mounting hardware and are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee. Some come with cathedral top detail while others have straight louvers and raised panels. They come in a variety of standard Dura Finish colors as well as UV stabilized construction. These shutters can be ordered as a set or individually, allowing you to make your shutters unique.

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