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The breakfast discount I received could be utilized for the entire breakfast time buffet, or toward the purchase of the a la carte item on the menu. Usually, I order from the menu when I have this option; however, at this hotel, the buffet breakfast was much better than the menu items.

A la carte breakfast time items available were just the basics and eggs Benedict. The breakfast-time buffet was fresh, and the items were good quality. Real scrambled eggs were on the buffet, and special-order eggs could be satisfied from the server as well. The breads included whole grain, white, and sourdough breads, as well as muffins, and bagels.

Hot food items included oatmeal, bacon, and cheesy potatoes. There have been several fruit choices, including strawberries and melon slices. Yogurt, dairy, and cool cereal were available as well. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse is situated in the hotel. The night I put the lobster bisque and Shrimp Frangelico salad in the dining area on the second.

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The lobster bisque was excellent–probably the best I’ve ever had! The shrimp salad too was good, although it had not been as exquisite as the bisque. The beverage coupon I had formed received was best for one house beverage. I asked my server if I could use the coupon value toward the purchase of better quality wine, and she said yes.

Not only did she let me use it toward your wine, the coupon was accepted by her for the entire charge; I was not charged anything for your wine. The gym contained three cardio machines with cardio theater, and only one of the machines was a treadmill machine. It appeared as if some guests who came to the area while I used to be using the home treadmill, experienced hoped to use it.

I got lucky both times which i visited. The fitness center hours said that the guts open at 6 a.m. I decided to try at 5:45 a.m. and my key proved helpful. Another guest was also arriving at once that I was. There are not any guestrooms near the fitness center, so I did not understand why it could not be open 24 hours.

The second morning hours, I decided to take a look at 5:30 a.m. The guts were open, and another visitor was using the gear. The temperature in the gym was very warm and it was thought by me was difficult to be in there for more than 30 minutes. The room contained hand weights, a water cooler, sani-wipes, a scale, and towels.

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