Are YOU’LL STILL Keeping Track?

Are YOU'LL STILL Keeping Track? 1

Okay, my clients are too “Minnesota nice” to have been quite that blunt on the telephone, but I understand that’s what many clients are planning! And I don’t blame you. How and where would a mom planning a party ever have picked up the knowledge of what professional face painters are worth?

After all, aren’t face painters just people who had been born creative, bought a set of paints, and began charging exorbitant levels of money to consider the benefit of people who can’t draw? I have wanted to post on this topic for years, but have been hesitant, and this is why. Running a carrying on business costs money, yes.

But, I really like what I do! I am super excited each time I book a meeting. And I often have to carry myself back from purchasing too many awesome products to make your parties all of that more AWESOME until I make the money to cover it. I don’t complain about that stuff.

  1. Apply the face mask on clean face with massaging actions
  2. Fold the pad in half
  3. Tropical Body Treatment
  4. Wear a physical sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day
  5. Double Cut Crease
  6. 6 years ago from Born in Missouri. Raised in Minnesota

It’s all worth it! That being said, it can cost real money to be a face painter, and the goal of the course of a small business is to pay those costs but still make money when all is said and done. So, we do our best to weigh our costs and figure on a price that helps us to recoup our costs and still have some profit left over to pay our very own expenses as well.

So, please read this through that lens, as my hopes is that this blog post can help people know very well what they are actually getting when they hire a face painter. Proving our value is a continuous fight for face painters. After all a LOT of time and money into our tools and skills.

It requires a lot of hard work and money to generate income in this business and professional face painters probably deserve a little more credit than many people give them. Some cultural folks have trouble spending money on face painting because it washes off and doesn’t last permanently. True, it washes off, but the fact that it generally does not last is incorrect. You are paying for an event.

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