Role And Influence Of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING On The Modern PR Industry

Role And Influence Of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING On The Modern PR Industry 1

Over the last few years, it is becoming apparent that cultural media has captured the fancy of all people. The extensive use of social media has changed the way people communicate and share information drastically. September 2015 In, Facebook said that 1.01 billion people log onto Facebook daily (daily active users or DAU), which represents a 17% increase 12 months over the year. Twitter isn’t considerably behind either.

As per Statista, “By the third one-fourth of 2015, the microblogging service averaged at 307 million monthly active users. Social media marketing has had a huge impact not only on people but also on brands across industries as they devise strategies to engage their audiences and earn their loyalty. PR (PR) is no different as experts constantly seek to talk to and listen to from customers, who are active and ever-present on sociable mass media.

It, therefore, is practical for PR professionals to use it to their advantage. In fact, many of them have managed to get an integral part of their practice and provide sociable press management services. It’s not only Facebook and Twitter where brands strive to make their presence felt. PR professionals want to effectively express their story. Let’s have a look at how PR practitioners may use each one of these platforms advantageously. Wherever you decide to go, you’re sure to find people using Facebook as if they were dependent on it. You can think it’s great or hate, nevertheless, you certainly cannot ignore it.

It is extremely popular amongst the masses and allows you to activate your audience through high-quality content in the form of posts, images, videos, info graphics, and links. To be able to succeed on Facebook, you shall need to become conversational brand. Only then are you considering able to create a strong base of audience. Once you’ve developed that, they will be able to follow your web page and receive improvements about your brand as and when you post them.

Apart from that, PR professionals can explore other features that may be helpful in engaging viewers also. Additionally, Facebook’s ‘Donate’ button, Music Facebook, and Stories Professional Services are other features that can be helpful to PR specialists. Another platform that can be used by PR professionals in modern times is Twitter widely.

‘Short and lovely’ should be you mantra with this platform as you are limited by 140 characters, which explains why it can get challenging to really get your message across and ensure that it is thoroughly understood. Obviously, you will need to allow hashtags (more with them mentioned later in the post) do the speaking for you. PR professionals can also use to conduct research by keeping tabs on what clients Twitter, competitors, friends, mass media, or influencers are tweeting about. It is an effective networking tool, rendering it easy for connecting with new people, follow them and encourage them to follow you. Using the Twitter application on iOS devices now comes with an added benefit to keep followers engaged.

With Periscope built-into it, users can now view broadcasts as a live stream on Twitter itself. PR professionals can tap into audiences with interesting visual content now. Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour says that much more is to come from this integration, which is why PR professionals need to keep their eyes peeled and ears tuned in.

Also, this feature will be expanded to other platforms as well soon. Among the reasons for the success of Instagram is it’s ease of use. All you need to do is click a post and photo it. Plus, the Search and Explore functions are turning the social network into an easy-to-navigate news source.

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Pictures can speak much better than text. The main purpose of Instagram is to provide interesting accounts, photos, and places to consumers. The biggest benefit for PR practitioners here is that they get a ready-made source of influencers to research. Some of the most successful Instagram promotions have capitalized with this aspect. Through Pinterest, you can create value for your audience by curating content rather than creating it. You can simply ‘Pin’ images and other content (typically DIY) systematically from other sources on the Web into designated pages.

These images can be viewed by your viewers for inspiration or entertainment or both. If PR professionals succeed in getting this aspect right, they can build an army of loyal viewers in no right time. PR professionals can explore this platform and find several communities related to varied causes, interests, and people.

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