Serving THE HOUSE Community: When You Should Sell YOUR PREMISES

Serving THE HOUSE Community: When You Should Sell YOUR PREMISES 1

This can be an apparent contradiction to the prior post however, in your journey to becoming a property investor you may be forced to market a few of your stock of properties. You will see several factors that produce selling property the best option. Usually, property investing is a long-term plan.

However, you will see events when the economy has transformed and you will need to review the program. There will be times when the local rental market is broken possibly due to oversupply of properties. And if you’re stuck with a house that is not producing a positive cash flow then it might be a good time to sell for a far more profitable investment.

Sometimes, having a lot of collateral trapped in your property and a negative rental income might not enable you to refinance your money back again out and makes selling a practical option. Although you may want to pay tax and other costs, it might be wise to grab all your money and back into a much more profitable investment.

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You may get involved with lucrative ventures that may require funding and you may not be able to get financing from lenders to aid the project. This might also be considered a good time to market a property which is high in equity while not creating a positive cashflow. There will also be times when your investment has been badly judged or the location has changed economically possibly due to a large company shutting down. This might be a good time to sell a property prior to the investment becomes a drain on your finances.

Finally, if offering a property or a portion of your profile is part of your strategy then you should continue with that strategy. Some investors have a technique that outlines a plan to trade 40% of properties each year to provide them the working capital had a need to buy more properties and add to their 60% of local rental portfolio.

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