Super Duper Easy Moana Te Fiti Cake..

Super Duper Easy Moana Te Fiti Cake.. 1

The Disney movie ‘Moana’, is taking up where it’s predecessor’s Frozen, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and wonder and The Beast, have left off. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, you have in all probability, like me, been living under a rock. So when my almost 4 yr old granddaughter started asking for a Moana cake for her upcoming birthday, I truly needed to go away and watch the film to have any clue of what she was on about! Four mud cakes, some Betty Crocker frosting, dessicated coconut, inexperienced food coloring, and bought sugar flowers into the pretty cake you see above.

Three purchased cakes, any flavour. Or of course you can bake your own. 2 tubs prepared buttercream frosting or again, about 3-four cups of your own recipe. Start by tinting the coconut inexperienced. This isn’t troublesome, but it is a bit tedious. I used to be adding a few teaspoons of green food coloring at a time, and simply smashing it around to interrupt it up and mixing it through. It took about 5 minutes to add enough, and distribute it evenly, to realize the depth of green I was after. Take the primary cake, and switch it upside down onto the cake board.

Because mine has been already iced with Glace` icing, there was no need to repair them in place with fondant or buttercream. The icing simply grabbed onto the cardboard. You can see the icing mirrored within the cake board here! Empty a tub and a half of the frosting (about 2-three cups) right into a medium mixing bowl. Add 2-four teaspoons of green food coloring. This sounds loads, however I used to be stunned at how much I needed to get the depth of green I was after.

Cover your entire cake with the green buttercream. No need to get fussy with smoothing because it will soon be fully covered in coconut and you won’t see it. Now begin applying the green coconut. Pressing it gently on to the sides together with your palm. You will lose loads to the bench at this stage, so be ready for a clean up later! 5-7 cms (2-3 inches) from the outer edge to make 2 slightly smaller cakes.

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Just trim roughly. Again, it should all be covered with buttercream and coconut, so you won’t see any irregularities. Sit the next cake, upside down once more, on the primary layer, high with buttercream, and sit the third cake, the other way up on that one. Fix the cakes in place with the three bamboo skewers, and trim the to the floor of the cake with a pair of scissors. Remember to remind anyone cutting the cake, that the skewers are there.

Completely cover the two prime layers together with your green buttercream. Apply the green coconut to the 2 high layers, the identical method you did with the first layer. Take a chunk of inexperienced fondant about the scale of two thumbs, and roll it right into a tough snake form. Press the form of the guts of Te fits into the front of the twin layers of your cake. Remember, it isn’t truly a swirl.

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